Story: A Lead Role in a Cage

Art by J Shute Norway

[Rating M16][Angst][Mystery][Dark][AU]

This story is brutal and dark; reader discretion is advised. It is also advised that you read “The Original Plot” before checking out this one. While this story is dark, the raw emotion felt while reading is unlike any other story. The pain, the betrayal, the hurt, and the injustice is felt to your core. It will make you angry. It will make you sad. It will make you laugh. It is not a light read, but it is an extremely well-done one. ~Gorgancm

Author: J Shute Norway

Description :
Nick never escaped from the ZPD after his arrest. Instead, he’s to be put through the grinder of the courts and jails. But he isn’t going down without a fight, and even from inside his cell he will inspire both pred and prey who’ve had enough. But there are mammals who despise him everywhere, and they plan to seize every opportunity they can to destroy him.

A Lead Role in a Cage
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Additional Tags: Some say he is a criminal. Others say he is a hero.