Story: I.O.D. – Skyebound

Art by Credens-Vita

[Rating T13][Adventure][Family][Humor][OC]

It’s no secret to anyone in the community that Skye is one of the most utilized characters in any piece of Zootopia fan art or fanfiction (and she doesn’t even make an appearance in the film!), but you haven’t read a depiction of her this high-spirited. A spinoff of the high school romantic dramedy AU “In Our Dreams,” “Skyebound” tells exactly what the wordplay in the title implies: an upbeat, humorously eccentric vixen striving to be free, to pursue her dreams without any restraints or bars holding her back. It’s currently only in its beginning stages, but this story is sure to be a fun-filled romp, a highly amusing one too. And let me say, Skye is such a cinnamon roll here, way too cute and entertaining for her own good. You’ll adore her! ~DrummerMax64

Author: Dancing Lunar Wolves

Description :
Skybound: to be free, unchained, destined for greater. Everything she wanted, but couldn’t attain for the time being. Join Skye as she dares to hope in a world that refuses to let her shine. Will the vixen overcome her trials and soar over them, or have her wings clipped before she gets a chance? Either way, she’ll have fun trying. A quirky tale and parallel story to In Our Dreams.

I.O.D. – Skyebound
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