Art of the Day #212

A Spring In Your Step by TheWinterBunny
Source [1]

When visiting your girlfriend’s family, good appearance is a must.

However, I would advise Nick to come clean and not try to pretend that he injured his fetlock in the line of duty. (It was actually more of a Jackass moment.)

Well, while Judy finishes getting him spruced up, let’s go check out some more random pieces of Zootopia artwork. (And don’t forget to check out the artists’ other works by clicking on the source links.)

Get your art after the break!

Corgi, aka Adrian Berjillos Lopez, is one of my favorite Zootopia fan artists, as well as a really nice guy.

Gary by Corgi
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Gary by Lievre
Source [3]

Since when has Judy Hopps ever NOT been a tomboy?

Tomboy Judy by nick-and-judy-daily
Source [4]

Datafox by @dogear218?lang=en
Source [5]

Hmmm, what do you suppose they’re dreaming about?

Sound Asleep by Sleevia
Source [6]

Whoops, I had to ask.

Carrot Pen Umbrella? by OceanSummoner13
Source [7]

Nick And His Mother by 3TriArt
Source [8]
When going out for a run, it’s always a good idea…

RUN in your best! by @ketuusage2
Source [9]

…to watch your step.

Daytrippers by @mame_moyasiiii
Source [10]

Dawn Bellweather by grape-fat-jelly
Source [11]

And if you believe that, she knows this bank President in Ligeria who’d love to be your e-mail buddy.

A Sheepish Campaign by saffronpanther
Source [12]

Larry & Gary by Ligoni
Source [13]

Empowored by Ziegelzeig
Source [14]

Happy Mother’s Day by @OhMyDisney
Source [15]
MammalZ ‘n da ‘Hood

Zootopia (90’s) by JulieDraw2046
Source [16]

Freshen Up by @ulako414
Source [17]

The Words are on Ice by @kabe2mugi
Source [18]

Judy Hopps Casual by Pzliu
Source [19]

♪Nick, imperial aerosol kit…♫

caught by Thron
Source [20]

Judy as a Spirit Guide from the movie Coco

Spiritual_Guide Judy by @dogear218?lang=en
Source [21]

And Nick as well

Spiritual_Guide Nick by @dogear218?lang=en
Source [22]