Story: If the Creek Don’t Rise

Art by AlicePanther

[Rating K9][Romance][One-shot]

A follow-up to YFWE’s other one-shot “We’ve Got Everything”, we now see Nick ready to enact what he had spent the pretty much the entire drive to Bunnyburrow thinking about. But when Judy is nowhere to be found, his search for her introduces him to an interesting saying around Bunnyburrow. This one-shot not only explores the historical and social aspects of Bunnyburrow culture, but it is also chalk full of symbolism and imagery that leaves the reader with a strong sense of warmth and wholeness as Nick finally gets to ask his question. ~Calidian

Author: YFWE

Description :
Nick has a question for Judy – an important one. But she’s nowhere to be found.

If the Creek Don’t Rise
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