Special Artwork of The Day #182: Happy St. Patrick’s Day, 2018

Luck o’ th’ Lemming by @disneyzootopia
Source [1]

Top o’ the mornin’ to yas, me lucky lads an’ lasses.

Since Nick Wilde shares his last name with one of Ireland’s literary giants, ’tis only right and proper that we honor Zootopia accordingly on March 17.

Here then is just a small collection of Zootopian artwork with a St. Patrick’s Day theme

Have yer art after the break, boyo!

St. Patrick’s Day in Zootopia by Ziegelzeig by Ziegelzeig
Source [2]

Judy and the boys knocking it back on St. Pat’s.

Ask Dawn and Vern St Patrick’s Day by WastedTimeEE
Source [3]

Don’t be fooled, she may look like a Selkie, but she’s really a Baaa-nshee.

Hoppy St. Patrick’s Day by Pen-Mark
Source [4]

Well what did you EXPECT, Judy?

Untitled by Leggowaffles by leggowaffles
Source [5]

“Yes, and YOU’RE going to be wearing black and blue!”

Magically Delicious by Wahyawolf (aka SockstheMutt) by SocksTheMutt
Source [6]

Awwww, doesn’t Finnick make just an adorable leprechaun king?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day by Ginger Fay by GingerFay
Source [7]

Nick savors his golden treasure…and the stuff in the pot is pretty nice, too.

Hapy Late St. Pat’s Day by KS_Durham by KS Durham
Source [8]

Just a nice pic of Nick and Judy, celebrating the day

Luck O’ The Chomps by PH O’Toshop by @disneyootopia
Source [9]

“Always after me Lucky Chomps…”


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