Art of the Day #173

Come here, little Jack, and let me love you by AoiRem2816
Source [1]

Hi everyone! Christopher here!

Awww…Isn’t this the cutest artwork? Aoimotion and Rem289 are awesome when they work together to make by far the best representation of Jack Savage in the fandom.

For the moment, we give you another round of artworks. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to share your appreciation to the artists by following the sources! Just click on the image!

by Cyber-Bobcat
Source [2]

Zootopia – A Happy Family by NintendoSquarEnixFan
Source [3]

#ズートピア by @ketuusage2
Source [4]

Zootopia – Judy Hopps and Gideon Grey by Jenner a.k.a Doc Rat
Source [5]

Sergent wilde by Kimchan
Source [6]

Nick W. by StarDark14
Source [7]

Dancing with the Stars by Houndpool
Source [8]

Dig Those Holes by yelnatsdraws
Source [9]

No Name by ahiru621
Source [10]

2018賀正(我才不管是不是狗年=3= by 歧翼怪客
Source [11]

Gideon and the recycled kitchen. by @ScottFabianek
Source [12]

Finnick the fennec by CharlotteRay
Source [13]

Nick Vs Bogo Commission by Alamarus
Source [14]

Reflection(ClawHauser) by ThankU830309
Source [15]

Love triangle Zootopia remastered colored eyes by Jackreddik1oo0
Source [16]

Lovely by dariamorgan
Source [17]

Forbidden Love by Toonsgirl27
Source [18]

Zooasis 2186 by fanartiguess
Source [19]

zoot stuff by dotaluit
Source [20]


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