Zootopia Defense, the Ace Attorney Fan-Game, gets a SEQUEL!

“Heheheh… oh, I’ll try you.  IN A COURT OF LAW!” ~ from the song Vampyres (with a Y)

That’s right ladies and gentlemammals, the first full fan-game set in Zootopia, Zootopia Defense, has now got a sequel!  We covered the original when it first released, and again when it completed, but I was not expecting the team behind it to make a sequel!

Starring Phoenix Wright’s successor, Apollo Justice, and his assistant Athena, the gang returns to Zootopia for even more mystery and legal malpractice!  As of right now, there are two complete cases, and a third in production.  Great work, tom117z and DoctorJohnPotters!  We’ll be looking forward to episode 3 whenever it drops!

Go play it for yourself over on Ace Attorney Online!  Like before, I recommend zooming your browser in while you play, as AAO is pretty weird when it comes to video dimensions.


  1. I remember when I heard about thee original I thought it was going to be something along the lines of My Little Investigations that just uses the Ace Attorney formula but it has entirely MLP characters.

    Was a bit turned off to see it was a crossover as humans in Zootopia will never not alienate me as a concept. It literally goes against the most basic yet fundamental rules of the film's world.

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