Try Everything On The Voice Kids Indonesia!

The Voice is a hugely popular show no matter where you put it.  It makes sense why- the concept of judges in a singing competition choosing who they want on their team based purely on their voice, with no bias based on physical appearance, is a powerful one.  As a result you have versions of The Voice in practically every country in the world.  There are even kid versions.

Today’s video comes to us from The Voice Indonesia- Kids version.  The competitor, Indira, chose to sing Try Everything (naturally, for this site), which was a very gutsy choice.  Not only would she have to get up and sing on national television, but she was singing in her non-native language, English.  Even if the judges didn’t choose her, we at ZNN commend your courage, Indira!  Keep on singing, and one day you’ll make it big.
Check out the video after the break!