What if Zootopia was actually an episode of The X Files?

The foX files- by Byron Howard

For a Disney movie, Zootopia sure went deep into conspiracy territory, didn’t it?  A sudden outbreak of predators gone savage ACTUALLY being a plot by the assistant mayor to turn the prey population against predators in a massive power-grab?  The outbreak not being a disease at all, but a manufactured drug designed to leave any mammal in a perpetual state of feral rage?  Secret labs, animals caged against their will, and a gun that can make you go insane… yeah, that does sound like something that would appear on The X Files.

The Truth is Out There, folks, and the youtube channel furry.today has taken it upon themselves to bring us the raw, unedited footage proving that Zootopia was not, as we all thought, released in 2016, but ACTUALLY aired on television back in 1994.

That’s right.  Get ready for The foX files.  Learn the truth after the break.


  1. Now I want someone to make a crossover between these two…a lot of good fanfics out there with elements kind of like this, but I mean a real, good mix of the two.

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