Leodore Lionheart- Villainous Jerk, or Heroic Jerk?

Now here’s a character we don’t often see explored too deeply!  Mayor Lionheart had very few scenes in the “fill-um”, but in true Zootopia fashion we get to see that he’s not some one-dimensional bad guy, he’s a highly nuanced and complicated lion who’s portrayed… surprisingly realistically.  At the end of the movie, yeah, the actual culprit behind the savage attacks is in jail… but so is Lionheart, who did, in his own words, “the wrong thing for the right reasons”.

So, is Mayor Leodore Lionheart really a bad guy?  Or is he a fallen hero, who acted out of the best interests of the city of Zootopia?  Lesser-known youtube reviewer IronicSnap (who will keep that title until he has 10k subscribers, and you should definitely help him reach that mark by subscribing to his channel), who is also the author of such well-regarded fanfics as “Of Heists and Hustles” and “Roses are Red and Violence is Cool“, took this question and made a 15-minute video to answer: just what kind of mammal IS Mayor Lionheart?

Check it out after the break!


  1. Somewhere in between? He had good intentions initially but went about them the wrong way? I mean, he's definitely looking out for his job, but I don't think he set up the asylum with wholly malicious intent

  2. Many thanks once again! I'm a long way from 10,000 subscribers, but in the meantime, I'll wear the title "lesser known Youtube reviewer" with pride

  3. Well, he was most certainly a sleazy guy who cared about his career first and foremost, but I'd pick him over that woolly little monster any day in a week…

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