Art of the Day #159

Case-A-Nostra by JackOrJohn
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Hi everyone! Chris here!

If we go back all the way to the past, the animation was quite diferent than we imagine. There was no 3D effects, no voice acting, and the most obvious of all: No colors. Can you guys imagine what if Zootopia was made during the 1930’s? Well, some artists can, like this guy above.

But this is not the only pic we can show, there a lot more from other fans. Enjoy!

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Nick doodle! by Anti-heros
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Didn’t forget… by Nanbuskhan
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Nick and Finnick as Deadpool and Cable by hykez87
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Happy Christmas by littlepolka
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Nick and Judy by endzi-z
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Care For A Cane? by JohnMigle
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Nick Wilde by biodrake77
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Beach drawings (Finnick) by ThankU830309
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Sponsored By Finnick Ltd Enterprises Inc by Pandaren-Chaplain
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Zootopia Childhood Speculations: Duke Weaselton by TheSkunkCat
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[Title Unknown] by spectigular
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Benjamin Clawhouser by LionKingRulez
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Styled Wilde by LionympheaArts
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Hokey Wolf and Ding-A-Ling Dressed As Nick Wilde and Finnick by CyanTPC
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🐰🐰🐺 by @yama18imo
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Wolf of Wool Street by artbirchly
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Skye by KatyushkaWolf
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Busted by JackOrJohn
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