Story: A Time of Crime

Art by crazywriter14

[Rating T13][Crime][Adventure][Romance][Complete]

It’s no secret that Nick and Judy live eventful lives due to their careers and experiences together, and this story proves it! The outstanding cop duo take on a swarm of crimes thrust their way in this fast-moving, expressive work, all for the sake of keeping Zootopia and its citizens safe. There’s hardly ever a dull moment thanks to the rapid pacing of the plot, and the personal nature of some of the crimes creates several hardships that have far-reaching effects for the fox and rabbit. If you’re looking for an engaging crime story with plenty of twists and turns, then look no further! ~DrummerMax64

Author: thecrazystorywriter14

Description :
For a police officer, Nick Wilde never imagines a difficult life. But being a police officer creates tension in his own life, endangering himself, his family, and his friends. Disease creates a long-lasting debt on his lifestyle. He becomes a hero and a significant person saves him from near-death.

A Time of Crime

Additional Tags: Watch out, lawbreakers. Here comes WildeHopps!

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