Story: Into The Black

Art by RedPen (Technical-Error)

[Rating T13][Romance][Angst][Adventure][AU][Sequel][Complete]

An outstanding addition to the “Of Salt and Steel” saga, in which our rabbit captain and fox pirate, following their great success in “Fox’s Guile,” gear up for another daring mission out at sea. Before they can depart, however, they have to address the friction that’s sprung up between them, or risk having it interfere with the upcoming task. Although not as fast-paced and action-heavy as the previous entry, this sequel more than makes up for it with rich world-building, political intrigue and fantastic character development, including a romance that simply smolders with passion and tension. ~DrummerMax64

Author: RedPen (GardenVatiety)

Description :
Having returned to Zooport a hero, Judith is faced with the most menacing challenge of her life; to seek out the Blackwolf, a pirate of bloody infamy, and deliver him to the Royal Court of Law in chains. The task threatens to claim her life, and many besides, so she is lucky to have a cunning, capable entourage to steer her through the coming trials. However, a coldness has settled over Nick and her; the exhaust of their fears and doubts. And now, in her time of greatest need, Nick is nowhere to be found.

Into The Black

Additional Tags: A storm’s a-brewin’…