Artwork of the Day #144: Otterly Adorable

Meet the Ottertons by BlindCoyote
Source [1]

What a cute couple!  Of course, despite being part of a nice family, we cannot change the fact that Mr. Otterton was a victim of the Night Howlers Case when he was a witness and, just in the same way as Renato Manchas, became a savage.  Still, Mr. Otterton (the most interesting mammal in zootopia) is quite the character for someone who never has any lines- and Mrs. Otterton clearly loves him like none other.  It’s so sweet, I might need to see a doctor about diabetes.

For this occasion, this Special Artwork of the Day will be like no otter. So while you enjoy, don’t forget to check the links below the images.

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You’re Being Otterly Ridiculous by DW1482
Source [2]

The Ottertons by SilverWingInk
Source [3]

Mrs Otterton by kraycat
Source [4]

Mrs. Otterton. by ZachAttackJ
Source [5]

Mrs. Otterton by Anpan-chan
Source [6]

Swimsuit Otterton by OsakaOji
Source [7]

Leave those otters alone! by nik159
Source [8]

Emmitt Otterton (Disney) by Yoshiknight2
Source [9]

Tearful Reunion by Neverjay
Source [10]

Tired Mr. Otterton (alt) by 3rdHarleyJoe
Source [11]

Emmitt Otterton by Polarized-Wolf
Source [12]

Fremmitt Otter by ZootopiaStories
Source [13]

Bonzi by chill13
Source [14]

The Ottertons by ChrissieZullo
Source [15]

Mrs. Otterton (Disney) by Yoshiknight2
Source [16]

My Emmitt by MegBeth
Source [17]

Zootopia Sketch – 03 by Guephren
Source [18]

Mr. Otterton (Zootopia) by Leo-Artis
Source [19]

Mr and Mrs Otterton by spot1the2dog3
Source [20]

Fourteen Days by axelEGandersson
Source [21]

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