Goldman is Almost Gone for Good!

Zootopia AU by Zackie

We are so close.  So very, very, VERY close.

Yesterday, after a hearing about Goldman’s amended claims and Disney’s second motion to dismiss, Judge Michael Fitzgerald tentatively ruled to dismiss with prejudice Goldman’s claimTo quote an article from, Judge Fitzgerald is reported to have said:

“I would love to kick the can down the road and have it be decided on summary judgement or by a jury, but I just don’t see it here … They just aren’t very much alike.”

HOWEVER.  Before you get too excited, know that this isn’t the judge’s final ruling.  This statement came before the hearing, and Goldman’s lawyers argued heavily in favor of amending the complaint further, saying “The subjective nature of the works requires the collective analysis of a jury” and that “his client could add further details about alleged infringement via Disney’s marketing and merchandising of it’s Zootopia”.

(And if Goldman’s Lawyers are reading this, I’m going to say now, good luck going down that route- Disney barely did any marketing or merchandising for Zootopia)

So… the ruling isn’t final.  There’s still a small chance that the Judge could change his mind and allow the case to go further.  But it’s 99{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} of the way there.  Come on, Judge Fitzgerald… we trust you’ll make the right call.

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Check out the full article on or read it on reddit, where someone has posted the full text in the comments (no trial needed).


  1. I have to wonder what Disney is going to do with Zootopia once they win the case. Perhaps sell more Zootopia merchandise to capitalize on its critical and commercial success, like they did with The Lion King when it unexpectedly defeated Pocahontas?

    • Considering it's almost 2 years old, I doubt their going to sell merchandise now. If the merchandise had sold better in the first place, they'd probably still be selling it with or without the lawsuit because I don't think Disney would pull Zootopia merchandise if it was making a lot of money for them (especially considering I'm pretty sure most children probably haven't even heard of the lawsuit, as well as many adults).

    • "If the merchandise had sold better" … what merchandise? How do they expect use to buy Zootopia Merchandise if they barely existed in the market? Sales percentage is very high, though, as there is practically NO Zootopia Merchandise left outside of eBay…

    • I've seen 5 small action figures and the movie… That is all the merchandise I've seen… And i have ben looking for 2 years… Finding Zootopia Merchandise is like looking for an ancient treasure from El Dorado.

    • They had some mini zootopia plushes in the toy section of Walmart back when the film was still in theaters, along with a couple action figure pieces that included some vehicles from the film, like the police car and judy's meter maid cart. It was the typical limited run merchandise that disney puts out to help promote one of there new animated features.

  2. Merchandise??? Wot merchandise??? I live in P.A. and the only merchandise is the movie and i found 5 small action figures thats it… If there is merchandise its not here.

  3. This was the kind of good news I so dearly needed at this point in time.

    Goldman is basically on life support with regards to this 'suit, which pleases me greatly.

  4. what's worse is I imagine even after this people are still going to be taking Gary Goldman's side. It seems like alot of these people really hate the Walt Disney Company and it doesn't even sound like they could care if Gary Goldman is right or wrong. It just sounds like they just want to see Disney go to court and loose just for the sake of seeing Disney go to court and loose.

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