Story: The Spirit of Christmas

Art by: NVCAtakeo24

[Rating T13][Romance][Drama][Hurt/Comfort][Holidays][Complete]

One of the most historic days of the twentieth century, the Christmas truce of 1914 was a moment of peace, compassion and fellowship in a time that was fraught with war and bloodshed, and LapisLucius42 translates it remarkably well to the world of Zootopia and its themes in this wonderful, moving story. The conflict between predator and prey has escalated to the global level, but for one day, at one location on the battlefield, the opposing forces mutually decide to enjoy the special holiday together in an event that’ll forever change their lives. Follow Nick and Judy as they fraternize with their supposed enemy, share personal stories, and form an unshakable bond that doesn’t care where they stand in the food chain. With genuine emotion and fantastic characterizations, this is a story worth reading, with an ending that will make you want to check out its just-as-amazing sequel, “The Spirit of War.” – DrummerMax64

Author: LapisLucius42

Description :
The Christmas spirit is a unique phenomenon. It is unbiased and unprejudiced. The fever it spreads can break down the strongest barriers and turn enemies into friends. This was evident in one of the bloodiest conflicts in history. Especially between a bunny and a fox.

The Spirit of Christmas
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