Story: Coming to Reward Them

Srt by: Jacato

[Rating T13][Adventure][Mystery][Complete]

How do you follow the exceptional “Zootopia: The Original Plot”? J Shute Norway expands on that universe further with an AU of an AU of sorts, exploring a world in which the Wildes, fed up with prey-mandated collars and a Zootopia not worth fighting for, flees the city to lay their claim to a piece of unclaimed land, in order to build their own society — that is, until Nick returns to the city he was born in, with ZPD Officer Judy Hopps hot on his tail. Remarkably imaginative and with both a light-hearted, laugh-out-loud side and darker turns when the situation calls for it, “Coming to Reward Them,” which pieces together its story via gradual retellings of the past alongside the present-day storyline, is a demanding, but fulfilling, tale. – YFWE

Author: J Shute Norway

Description :
Two decades ago, Nick Wilde and his family fled Zootopia, escaping the laws and prejudice that tainted their lives. Two decades ago, Nick Wilde and his family settled in a land far away, hope in their eyes and the wind in their uncollared necks. Two decades ago, Nick Wilde left Zootopia, but now he’s back. He’s on a mission, and nothing can stand in his way. Not even a certain bunny.

Coming to Reward Them

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