Story: Change Starts With You

Art: kungfufreak07

[Rating T13][Crime][Hurt][Comfort]

I’ve read a number of stories involving Nick facing the ghosts of his past (and written one), but this is one of the more unique takes on the concept that I’ve seen. Nick’s inner turmoil over his new assignment is a heck of an interesting read, and there’s a surprising amount of depth given to both his backstory and that of the ZPD itself. A good concept, executed even better. -Berserker88

Author: Winerp

Description :
3 years after the events of the movie, Nick Wilde feels like he’s finally free from his past life. A new threat, however, forces him to once again subject himself to undeserved hatred and scorn. Only this time he won’t be alone, as a brave bunny stands with him and against whatever may come. [With elements from Person of Interest. Includes WildeHopps.]

Change Starts With You

Additional Tags: It’s kinda like Batman, no really!