Celebrating One Year of Zootopia! (With New Art by Byron Howard!)

EXCLUSIVE art by Byron Howard!

On March 4th, 2016, Disney released their 55th Animated Movie.  This movie, starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman as the anthropomorphic duo of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, lodged itself in our hearts and minds.  It held our rapt attention as it has triumphed in the box office, dominated the award season, and inspired thousands and thousands of fans around the world.  It enthralled us with its lovable characters, its sublime message, and the absolutely astounding world it presented to us.


To commemorate the one-year anniversary of this momentous occasion, Director Byron Howard has taken the time out of his busy schedule to create this thank-you card from the staff at Disney to us fans, delivered exclusively to ZNN!  Byron, thank you so much for this wonderful gift!  We appreciate it from the bottoms of our hearts.

And that’s just the beginning of today’s festivities!  Director Rich Moore, along with Nate Torrence, the voice of Benjamin Clawhauser, will be hosting a live Q&A over on Facebook today!  Head on over at 1:30 PM EST / 10:30 AM PST to ask your questions and join in on the celebration! Or, if you live in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, head on over to Randy’s Donuts to meet with them in person!

So here’s a toast, to one year of Zootopia, and to another to come!  May the fandom soar to higher peaks, and may the great ship WildeHopps continue to sail smoothly in our hearts and minds!  May we always remember that magnificent motto that has inspired such wonderful passion:

Try Everything!

~Andy Lagopus


  1. In some ways, it feels like the movie just came out.
    In others, it seems like it was there since the dawn of time.
    Happy first anniversary, Zootopia! You changed my life for the better.

  2. Missed the live chat online, but oh well…I get to share my birthday from here on out with the anniversary of my tied favorite movie, I think that's reward enough. And though they look a bit off (my artistic self being critical there), I love the little sketches Byron does; that one is adorable!

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