Audiobook: The Chronicles of Zootopia (read by Sean Dalglish)

It’s one thing to read a fanfic yourself.  It’s another to hear it read in a magnificent Scottish accent!
Read by Sean Dalglish and edited by Gordon Breuer, this series of videos takes the “Chronicles of Zootopia” series, by Laverne, and gives them the full audio treatment!  Including some basic background music (most of which we’ve featured here individually), this is the sort of thing that is great if, like me, you’re often very busy and only have a few minutes here and there to listen to a story.
As a fellow voice actor, I must say, Sean’s accent is just the best.  And while the audio quality isn’t perfect in the first few episodes, it improves steadily as they get further and further into it.  Excellent work all around!  Making audiobooks isn’t as easy as it sounds, so these guys definitely deserve kudos for it!
Check out the first eight chapters after the break, and be sure to subscribe to their youtube channel, “Zootopia Fan” for updates and new chapters!


  1. i'm really loveing this story but youtube has just blocked chapter 8 in australia
    is there any way to download full audiobook

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