Art of the Day #80- Traditionally Excellent!

ついったログ2 by モコ
Source [1]

Traditional artists amaze me.  It’s one thing to make an absolutely stunning picture on a computer, but to do it by hand, without the benefits of layering tools?  Having to mix the colors until it’s just right?  Getting texture and light and shadow out of nothing but graphite and/or ink?  It’s astounding.

So, here are 30 examples of some truly excellent interpretations of Zootopia in traditional art.  I hope to be able to get these in a museum one day.  A Museum of Zootopia- how cool would that be?

Get your art after the break!

Disney’s ‘Zootopia:’ Nick Wilde Graphite Drawing by Alexbee1236
Source [2]

Mediocre Nick Wilde by VixieStix
Source [3]

Nick Wilde by InnerBear
Source [4]

Nick Wilde , Zootopia by BadEvilRos
Source [5]

I love you my dumb fox! by Anyalove
Source [6]

Nick and Judy by Taipu556
Source [7]

Nick Random Doodle by Maty12
Source [8]

Discussion with Judy. by rogbloodyfox
Source [9]

Zootopia Sloth by gugaalb
Source [10]

Travis and Duke! [Traditional] by Zen_Fetcher
Source [11]

Zoo (True) Love by UnknownArtist
Source [12]

Carrot Jane guitaring by Rowettes
Source [13]

In police department. by rogbloodyfox
Source [14]

Zootopia by Zelda0201
Source [15]

Disney’s ‘Zootopia:’ Benjamin Clawhauser by Alexbee1236
Source [16]

Sherlock Hopps, and Phantom Nick by RaPel
Source [17]

Judy Hopps by sharny93
Source [18]

Zootopia by GhibliLover92
Source [19]

A Long Day of Work by joaoppereiraus
Source [20]

Front VS Back by coloreen-art
Source [21]

Front VS Back by coloreen-art
Source [22]

Inktober # 1 by CheesecakeCaramel
Source [23]

ツイログ色鉛筆ズートピア詰め by アレク
Source [24]

Best Furry Movie by grrrwolf
Source [25]

ツイログ色鉛筆ズートピア詰め by アレク
Source [26]

Noisy by Balcom
Source [27]

ツイログ色鉛筆ズートピア詰め by アレク
Source [28]

Juddy Duddy Hopps :3 by AndreyStarsUniverse
Source [29]

ツイログ色鉛筆ズートピア詰め by アレク
Source [30]


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