Story: The Food Chain

[Rating T13][Drama][Suspense][Teen – 13+]

A fascinating story and realistic take on the age old question, “what if Bellwether actually won and that wasn’t a blueberry that struck Nick?” This portrays a grim, yet plausible scenario where Nick becomes feral and now Judy must deal with the aftermath of what happens next after she is narrowly rescued by the ZPD. Can she get Nick back to normal and prove Bellwether the true culprit before all options come crashing down around her? Suspenseful and well done. ~DarkFlameWolf

Author: TheRealMcBasilRocks

Description :
What if Judy and Nick hadn’t swapped out the serum for blueberries? As Bellwether tightens her grip on the divided Zootopia, Nick is turned savage for real and committed to solitary confinement. But Judy isn’t ready to give up on him, and soon the two are fighting for survival – not just against the world, but against each other. Set during/after an alternative ending to the movie.

The Food Chain

Additional Tags: Alternate reality where the bad guys win.


  1. Started a few hours ago, just now got caught up to the present time.

    I don't know why but I LOVE these specific AU fanfics, where Nick actually does get hit with the Night Howlers instead of blueberries – or, really, any reality that is the same as the movie, but splits at a different point. I guess it's because of my fascination with the original Zoodystopia line, and seeing how it evolved to its final story instead.

    This writer has done a great, believable job in writing these characters and situations. Thanks for featuring it, ZNN!

    • The author has since been notified and he is super excited at the featuring of his fanfic on ZNN. He's inspired and already has what happens next in his head and is eager to get back into writing and finishing the story off.

  2. After having binged, the only sad part about this story is that it's unsure of whether or not the story will be revived. This story is stuck halfway thru completion. Be forewarned

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