Finding Dory overtakes Zootopia in the Box Office


After being the highest grossing animated Disney movie since Frozen for several months, Zootopia must give the title to a family of fish.

That’s right, Finding Dory has made more in its box office run than Zootopia did.  Coming in at 1.024 Billion dollars, they just barely surpass Zootopia’s gains by a little under 1 million dollars (as of November 7th).

Well done, Pixar!  Well done indeed!  Give our congratulations to our fishy friends!

Besides, not all is lost for Zootopia- not by a long shot!  It’s still the #2 Highest Grossing Original Film in history, and it was $50 Million cheaper for Disney to make than Finding Dory was.  Zootopia also seems to have a good shot at winning Best Animated Film at the Oscars.  And with the news of Big Hero 6 getting a TV show, it would be insane for Disney to not do anything more with Zootopia.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed for more Zootopia in the future, and congratulate Pixar for their third (good) sequel!


  1. Disney really DOES own the top spots this year, doesn't it? And that's before Rogue One comes out next month. Zootopia is well-placed to be kept on the top 5 highest earning of this year, I think.

  2. Maybe we should just count Finding Dory's gross up until 95 days, since that would put it at the same amount of time Zootopia was out? Just think what could have been if Zootopia was out for a normal length theater run or hadn't been taken out Memorial Day week?

    Both are great movies, and hopefully Zootopia does win Best Animated Film at the Oscars.

  3. Finding Dory benefited from a re-release for Labor Day weekend. And even then, almost half of its money has come from the United States and Canada. Zootopia had a shorter release AND was a bigger hit overseas. It's close to comparing apples and oranges.

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