Comic: A Zootopia Halloween (by ReplyToAnons)

Beware of odd mammals on Halloween night,
For monsters may lurk in the plainest of sight.

Kids out late trick-or-treating is perfectly fine,
but this Halloween comic sends chills up my spine.

With a nameless OC for the fandom to know,
you’ll find subtle horror that scares to the bone.

Beware of odd mammals on Halloween night,
for a tiger thought tame has a powerful bite.

What?  I didn’t get to write any spooky poetry last week.  The big halloween comics didn’t show up until the holiday itself, and by the time I got to reading them it was already November.

Big thanks to ReplyToAnons for this comic!  It may appear benign at first, but read it twice and you’ll see what I mean in my poem.

Check out the full comic after the break!


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