Art of the Day #65: Finnick Appreciation Day #2 (with Poll Results)

ニックとフィニック by 桃
Source [1]

You know, unlike Nick, Finnick seems to be so small and helpless at first glance. Who ever would have thought he’s so much more ferocious than Nick? Well, our only advice is stay off his bad side, because he looks like he could be quite some trouble.

Today we’ve got a bunch of art all focused on Finnick, our own little “Finnick Appreciation Day!”  We’ve done it before, but he CLEARLY won the poll where we asked who’s the better vulpine side character. (257 for Finnick vs 75 for Gideon.  The people have spoken.)

So check out all the cool art people have made about this little fox.

Get your art after the break!

ズートピア ログ by 天羽あも
Source [2]

ズートピア詐欺師コンビまとめ by カトキチ
Source [3]

ズートピア詐欺師コンビまとめ by カトキチ
Source [4]

ズピ詰め by りんこ
Source [5]

Finnick goes clothes shopping by mistermead
Source [6]

gangster finnick by ekoi1995
Source [7]

ニック詰め合わせ#4 by 温香
Source [8]

【詐欺師コンビ】絵と漫画まとめ by 谷んぬ
Source [9]

Happy Birthday Anna!! (+らくがきまとめ) by Nyamo❄︎iPad
Source [10]

Wut are poses anyway?! by goatsalad
Note: The artist has deleted this image from their gallery.

Finnick by Corgi
Source [12]

Rrraawrr by Zazush-una
Source [13]

Finnick by Zazush-una
Source [14]

Zootopia : Football connect us together ! by doraemonbasil
Source [15]

Source [16]

Don’t Pet Him by Cazpur
Source [17]

Same, man, same… by ChiiChii97
Source [18]

Finnick by Hirou-san
Source [19]

i love him by trasheater
Source [20]

Finnick by 7THeaven
Source [21]

Finnick by NicolaiBunny
Source [22]

ズートピア まとめ by 朧
Source [23]

Falling down in resonance by kitsunekotaro
Source [24]

きっずとぴあ by 野良いぬ
Source [25]

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  1. Fantastic, absolutely fantastic…. the one by ICEMBL is incredibly detailed, and the expression is spot-on, but so many of the others are so very …Finnick… as well. No other fitting way to describe that personality.

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