Art of the Day #26 – Finnick Appreciation Day

Finnick by Fireaux
Source [1]

Finnick is fox of many temperaments.  In one piece of fan art he’ll be the cutest, cuddliest, most adorable thing you can imagine.  In the next, he’s a hustla, a playa, and a straight-up gangsta who doesn’t take crap from nobody.  I’d say he should get full-time work as an actor, but let’s be honest, hustling pawpsicles probably makes him more money in the short term.

Since yesterday’s poll results prove conclusively that you all love this kid-sized canine, have a post of the best Finnick art we could find!  Check it out after the break.

Pawpsicles by Defago
Source [2]
Babysitter by Jerun


Finnick by Blue Dragon @ Busy

-Can I Have A Hug- by MeckelFoxStudio
Source [6]
Madmax Zootopia by area0302
Source [7]
Disney’s ‘Zootopia’: Finnick the Fennec by Alexbee1236
Source [8]
Nick and Finnick from Zootropolis/Zootopia by VlaizaVladaRose
Source [9]
To find Nick by nik159
Source [10]
Seriously, how does he drive?
Feral Finnick by Laiary
Source [11]
Zootopia: Finnick by Naara-Kantayeni
Source [13]

Finnick by Wisdom

Group Hug! by zz2sonic
Source [14]
Girls like big ears by nik159
Source [15]
2016 Sketch #007 by S-Dash
Source [17]
I saw Zootopia by ちこり.com@のろのろ
Source [16]

Age Difference (?) by kakeyon
Source [18]

Finikku by Dog Nozomu constable
“What?” by A-KA
Source [20]


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