Story: Zootopia: The Moment

[Drama][Romance][Rated K9]
After a year of being police officers, how will Judy and Nick’s lives be? Will they tackle another big case or a bunch of small ones? How will they feel about it? These are questions very nicely answered by Kannik. ~O-Andy

Author: Kannik
Description: It’s been about a year since the events of Zootopia. Judy and Nick are ears-deep in a grueling case. At wits end, they discover that support is closer than they think. A short story about the unexpected moment when everything shifts, and friendship deepens into something beyond.
Additional Tags: “More tea, Carrots?”


    • Hi there! Kannik here. 🙂 The story was originally intended to be a self-contained one shot, dropping you into the story mid-stream of the difficult case and ending with "the moment."

      That said, as I was writing it, more ideas and potentials bubbled up in my mind so it may well just end up having a continuation someday… 🙂

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