Sly Bunny | Zootopia Remix (by Smuffy)

Here’s something new for you!  There’s a style of music on Youtube that takes sound samples from various movies, commercials, games, etc. and remixes them into completely new original songs.  I’ve seen song remixes before, but I was completely unaware of this style of music.  And I have to say… it is AMAZING.
It’s upbeat, catchy, and makes you want to get up and dance.  I’ve been listening to it on repeat all afternoon, and it has yet to get old.  Excellent work, Smuffy!

(And if you’re interested to see how this was made, Smuffy has a video that walks you through it.  You can find that here.)

Check out the video after the break, and get dancing!


  1. I think I first encountered this style of music back in the early days of the Brony community. I wish I knew the name for it, but it is, indeed, pretty amazing.

  2. Yup! Pogo! 😀 That is, Pogo is the name of the guy who popularized this style, but I think it's becoming synonymous with the style itself. Look up "Pogo" on youtube and you'll find lots of others. His Alice in Wonderland vid is one of his most popular.
    This one is probably my favorite so far though. 😀

    • Actually this is not Pogo, it was made in the style of Pogo but it was actually created by Smuffy, an amazing music producer. Unless you actually did realize that and I misunderstood you, then completely disregard this comment haha!

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