Return to Zootopia Fan-Film updates (With sneak peeks at the movie!)

Did you think we’d forgotten about this project?  No sir, we did not!

Return to Zootopia is an entirely fan-made “sequel” to Zootopia, and so far, they have made far more progress than I imagined they’d be able to in such a short time.  After all, we only featured their announcement video and first update back in late June.  And here we are, early sepember, and they have a full 19 minutes of the movie done!

Of course, you’ll have to wait to see that until 2018, like the rest of us.  But it’s still really cool to see and hear so much about the making of this fan film!  And besides, these update videos have little snippets of what they have so far!

Check out their progress after the break!


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