[Month of Mead] Judy is Dead Part 3: Repellant

It must take a lot to get Chief Wilde to drop his guard.  Given how Mead has set up his character thus far, and how Clawhauser reacts, this must have been a major deal.
Also, I love the clever world-building that Mead does with Clawhauser.  Until the final three panels, we think that July is talking to the Clawhauser we know, but it turns out to not be.  We have no idea how this Clawhauser is related to him, but my guess is that our favorite feline ended up marrying someone in Chief Bogo’s family.  Possibly a sister or cousin.  Maybe daughter, if there’s a big age difference between Bogo and Clawhauser.  We don’t actually know how old they are in the movie.
Check it out after the break, or over on tumblr.


  1. I've been reading the comic since it was first mentioned on this website, and I am hooked like I am with Zistopia. The story is that good. I can't wait to see how it all ends.

  2. Masterful use of color. Everything was in monochrome, even the blueberries…

    Until July mentioned that those berries came from the Hopps Family Farm.

    Two things gained colors.

    The blueberries.

    And Nick's red handkerchief.

    The Past was what's real. What Nick's living now is just a nightmare.

    So beautifully poignant and soul-crushing.

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