Story: With Fur There Is Love

by n09142

[Romance][Slice of life]

Looking for a nice and fluffy fic to read? If so, look no further. This piece offers a fluffy look into the developing relationship between Nick and Judy. Follow them as they attempt to navigate the minefield that is love.

Author: []DarkKing427[]

Description :
Given a second chance to make himself more than just a popsicle hustler, Nick thinks of a way to make it up to the one that started it all. But when their so called dinner turns into something else entirely, Nick works to turn their police partnership and overall friendship into something more personal.

With Fur There Is Love

Additional Tags: What is love? Baby don’t hurt me

Edit 14.09.2016 20:25 (UTC): 
Author prefers to be called []DarkKing427[] instead of VideoGameMaster1478