Zootopia and Wicked meet in an Awesome Animatic!

I am a huge musical theater nerd.  So when I saw this, my smile was like the Cheshire Cat.  Wicked is an absolutely amazing musical [WHICH TOTALLY NEEDS ITS OWN ANIMATED MOVIE GET ON THAT DISNEY] and combining it with Zootopia… it’s too much!  I need to sit down to absorb this amazingness!

Wait.  I’m already sitting down.  Hmm…

Anyways, I imagine this taking place between Judy’s first press conference and her deciding to quit the force, regretting her lost friendship with Nick.  It really suits her well, actually.

Besides which, it’s a really great animatic!  Amanda Long did a really great job on this!  Be sure to check out her tumblr blog, her website, and her youtube channel for more of her work!

Now then, get your Musical number after the break!


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