Pocket Change- Judy is Dead gets a bit of Voiceover!

[Rated T-13 for Language]

As I am sure many of you are aware, the comic artist Mister Mead has an ongoing series set 20-30 (ish) years in the future called Judy Is Dead.  I’m sure you can guess the premise of the story based on the title alone.  Starring one of Judy’s more distant relatives, July (pronounced Julie, I think) Hopps and Chief Wilde, it’s a very emotional story.  I plan on doing something to feature it soon, as it is an excellent series.

In the meantime, some fans of that comic have taken it upon themselves to do some voice acting for one of the comics in the series called “Pocket Change”.  As a voice actor myself, I have to say, it’s not bad.  Pretty good, even.  Good job, Dreemurr-Sympathizer and Periscully.  Ya did good!

You can find the original comic here, the dub here, and a combination of the two here.  Check it out!


  1. Wow, the person voicing Nick did a phenomenal job. Not that the person doing Ms. Hopps wasn't good as well, but Nick was just spot on! I really hope they voice-over the rest of them, if there was ever a comic series that deserved it, it's this one.

  2. This comic…seriously. There are only two pairings in fiction that really hit me hard in the deep feels, and those are Kagome and InuYasha, and Wildehopps.

    This comic hits me so hard in the feels it's painful to read. It's absolutely heart wrenching. The whole series just rips my heart out. I think if I let myself, I would cry. I actually avoid reading this comic series and dwelling on it in my mind because I think I would for real cry.

    That doesn't sound like a compliment, but it actually is. This is powerful (and emotionally agonizing) storytelling.

  3. I already saw that comic, but with a voice over this is way more emotional and I didn't noticed that Nick cried at the end. Geez, I hope the artist will do a prequel in the same comic just to explain how Judy trespassed.

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