Comic: Vague Relationship (Original by 米克斯犬)

Here’s an idea I bet you haven’t thought about consciously for some time.  You can ask two people who went through the exact same event the exact same question, and you’ll get very different answers.  It’s all in their perception of the event, which is influenced by their personal history, their personality, and their culture.
I swear, I’m going to school for business, not psychology.
Anyway, get some Nick and Judy being adorable!  They may not be in a relationship yet, but we all know it could happen at any time!
Thanks to 米克斯犬 (Micks) for the comic, and thanks to Miller Wong for translating and editing it for us!  Check out the original version over on pixiv, and get the translated version after the break!  (Remember: read right-to-left)



  1. no you adorable silly feline… the doughnuts must be mmaking you hallucinate… they do have a relationship, friendly and professional, not romantic.

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