Art of the Day #39

クロウハウザーさん by まっしぐら
Source [1]

I am currently on vacation, and so far, it’s been great.  Sorry if posts are a bit slow or sparse for the next couple days. I’m still going to try doing the regular 3-5 posts a day though.

Also, mini clawhauser is the cutest thing ever!

Get your art after the break!

ズートピアまとめ2 by もーてぃこ
Source [2]

ズートピアlog by オシ
Source [3]

ついろぐ by SAKAKA
Source [4]

ズートピアまとめ by クロクマ
Source [5]

ズートピアLOG by 芋ち
Source [6]

ズトピの落書き止まらない by つーあん
Source [7]

『詐欺師って呼んでくれ』 by ゆの
Source [8]

ズートピア by ミツル
Source [9]

It’s called a Hustle sweetheart by nami-san22
Source [10]

+Sly Fox and Clever Bunny+ by mangobaka
Source [11]

音響係くん by ゆーり
Source [12]

【ズートピア】落書きまとめ by La’kyo
Source [13]

無題 by 三耶のし
Source [14]

Just a little sly fox by Hanumannightfury
Source [15]

ずとぴろぐ2 by 葵
Source [16]

ぴったりふぃっと by 言京
Source [17]

昨日ズートピア見てきた by bcpic
Source [18]

[Title Unknown] by anxiouspineapples
Source [19]

If there is a Starbucks coffee in Zootopia? by sendalight
Source [20]


  1. Tanuyama-san eating a full ramen bowl is cute. But keeping his leaf on really sells it. I honestly haven't seen that too often, which is weird. The only other place I've seen consistent leaf-topped tanuki is art by Marc Boutavant in his Mouk books, and on the show.

  2. Keeping a blog regular must be quite difficult and tiresome if you absolutely want to post everyday, you love doing it because you love Zootopia, but giving rules to yourself like posting everyday and be sorry in advance if there's no posts for one day, it's like you're in prison, take your time ( I know it's better to inform people that there will be some late and all but don't be constant to make our pleasure). I know it because a Youtuber I like, has been doing videos everyday at 20H for more than 3 years and it's been one month that he actually took a break because obviously he is tired. And I like you for creating this blog, that's why 🙂

    • thanks for your concern! I find that most of the time, doing 3-5 articles a day is best partially because it keeps y'all coming to the blog, but also because it gives me something to do with my time. Which I really like. I do make sure to take a break every sunday, though.

    • That's cool, I mean, if you have nothing else to do, if you have time it's ok, I just meant that I don't mind if you post a lot because you like this, but I was just worried about the fact that you would sacrifice most of your time for us, whatever my previous comment explains it all. Taking a break every Sunday is great tho' ^^.

  3. Thanks Andy for the awesome posts 😀 Your dedication and time spent is really visible here. Just take you time when you need it, we ain't gonna go savage if you can't post.
    Btw.. Trust image of judy and Nick paws made me giggle a little

    • Thank you! Its not that I want a break from posting to ZNN, I'm just on vacation with my family and the days are far busier than I anticipated.

    • To clarify: I'm asking honestly. I have a bulging fanart folder that I try to keep obsessively sourced, so if it actually is by Nami, I want to know so I can rename it.

    • You are right! bcpic posted it before nami-san. Also it looks like nami-san is more reposting the pictures without giving away the correct source…

      Should be fixed now, Thanks! 🙂

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