Story- Jack Savage: A Spy Like No Other


[Adventure] [Drama] [Rated T-13]
Spy movies are great.  Comedic spy movies aren’t really.  Especially the new ones.  But this is how I’d love to see a spy movie with comedy be written. ~ Pre-reader Andy

Author: AnotherHackWriter

Description: He’s not always the smoothest rabbit out there.  Nor the best shot.  But he’s got determination in spades, and when an international criminal threatens to get Zootopia wiped off the map, the ZPD’s got no choice but to turn to this dapper(ish) agent – and he’s go no choice but to team up with the ZPD’s best officers and confront his history with this massive city.

Jack Savage: A Spy Like No Other

Additional Tags: The name is Savage.  Jack Savage.

Table of contents after the break

Chapter 1: The Lines Are Drawn
Chapter 2: It’s Just a Simple Operation
Chapter 3: A Pleasant Car Ride with Mister Savage
Chapter 4: Question Time

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