Art of the Day #31

ズートピア by ネモト ユウマ
Source [1]
We’re back!  It’s been a while since we’ve had an Art of the Day post, hasn’t it?  So sorry about that.  The process used to take hours to do, and I was just finding that I didn’t have the time to do them properly.
But, thanks to the excellent work of Pascal (gfcwfzkm), I now have a tool to make the whole process at least 10-20 times smoother!  Thank you so much man!  Now, the Art of the Day is back as a regular feature here on ZNN!
Get your art after the break!

ズトピの落書き止まらない by つーあん
Source [2]

ずとぴまとめ2 by みそ
Source [3]

Sunshower by ahiru621
Source [4]

Nick #2 by Coconutdoughnut
Source [5]

Usual day in Zootopia by ABCsan
Source [6]

Memory by Tragobear
Source [7]

[Zootopia] Wilde Tendencies by Mollish
Source [8]

ジュディとニック by ODEN
Source [9]

[Title Unknown] by monoflax
Source [10]

Major Lionhearth checking his popularity status by pitiyindee
Source [11]

Sweet Summertime by ArtKitt-Creations
Source [12]

Oh you foxes, you’re so emotional by nik159
Source [13]

[Title Unknown] by ゆの
Source [14]

[Title Unknown] by すみれ
Source [15]

[Title Unknown] by ろく
Source [16]

Huggie Huggy by RwoRomeo
Source [17]

[Title Unknown] by のりじゃが
Source [18]

[Title Unknown] by 柊れんこ
Source [19]

Bellwether by ODEN
Source [20]

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  1. Hmm. You make me wonder if it'd be worth sending my fanart folder in, given that it's all obsessively sourced.

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