ZNN News and Updates – May the 4th Be With You!

Source- Byron Howard

A long time ago in a galaxy fur, fur away…

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone!  As you can see, ZNN got a little bit of a makeover in honor of the occasion.  So, let’s take a moment to talk about some stuff that might not work as its own post, but is still neat / needed.

First up,  I’ve gotten some complaints that the Contact Form at the bottom of the submit page is broken.  We’re trying to fix it, but until we can figure that out, just email us directly at [email protected] if you have something to share with us.  More submissions means more cool stuff we would have almost certainly missed, so please send us your stuff!

Second, I have some advice for those who write fanfiction.  Before you submit a story to ZNN, it would be wise to go back to your earlier chapters and make sure your formatting is consistent throughout the whole story.  We’ve gotten several fics whose content is great, but which get off to a very rocky start.  Later on they’ll get feedback and fix their mistakes, but remember that your first chapter is your first impression, and you don’t want to screw it up.

It’s also a bit of a pet peeve of ours, so I figured I’d give you all a heads up.

Third and finally, Zootopia is well on its way to reaching $1 Billion USD!  At the time of writing, it is currently sitting at $933 Million globally, and with theaters across the world still showing it, I am confident that we can make it past that great benchmark!  So go see it again if you can!  And then, see it another couple times so we can get to $1.2 Billion!.  Why 1.2?  No reason (at least, none worth mentioning).

Well, that’s all I have to say for now!  Until next time, remember…

Try Everything!  And May the Force be With You!

~Andy Lagopus

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  1. Well I'll probably wait the DVD to see it again, I don't want to know every details ( at least not know ).

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