Story: ZBI- Zootopia Bureau of Investigation


[Crime] [Mystery] [Romance] [Epic Length] [Rated M-16]
There’s a serial killer on the loose, and it’s targeting the Zootopian version of the FBI.  If they’re going to catch this animal, they need to bring in the best of the best.  They’re going to need Nick and Judy.
Author rated M for foul language, extensive gore, and sexual innuendos.

Author: WhiteeFoxclaw1990

Description: The ZBI had many animals in the force.  Now there are only a few left.  And they need help now.  Probably from two promising ZPD officers.  Follow how ZBI agent Gordon Foreman finds Nick and Judy, and how they try to solve the most gruesome and mysterious case in Zootopia’s history.  Rated M for a reason!

ZBI- Zootopia Bureau of Investigation

Additional Tags: Blood, blood, BLOOD!  AND- DEATH!

Table of contents (with several dozen chapters comprising it’s 200,000 + word length) after the break!

Chapter 1: Catherine Palmer
Chapter 2: Traffic Department
Chapter 3: Undercover
Chapter 4: Evidence
Chapter 5: Hood
Chapter 6: The Plan
Chapter 7: Invitation
Chapter 8: Busted
Chapter 9: Arc 1- Case Bledzewski
Chapter 10: FABE
Chapter 11: Grieving Father
Chapter 12: Undercover again
Chapter 13: You’ve for an A!
Chapter 14: The Glass Cage
Chapter 15: Together
Chapter 16: Beast
Chapter 17: Let the Game Begin!
Chapter 18: High Security Sector
Chapter 19: Arc 2 – Nora Snow
Chapter 20: Shower
Chapter 21: Animalia
Chapter 22: I felt Powerful
Chapter 23: Reflection
Chapter 24: Breakfast
Chapter 25: Car Talk
Chapter 26: Ratigan
Chapter 27: Old Fart
Chapter 28: Visitors Floor
Chapter 29: Jaeger
Chapter 30: Arc 3- The Locksley Suite
Chapter 31: Where?
Chapter 32: Homecoming
Chapter 33: K
Chapter 34: Dumb Bunny
Chapter 35: A Little Lesson in History
Chapter 36: Jasiri and Kion
Chapter 37: Jasper Quill
Chapter 38: Guilty as Charged