Texts from Zootopians

[Rated T-13 for occasional language]

For all its shortcomings, sometimes texting can be absolutely hilarious!  There’s a reason Texts from Dog and Texts from Superheroes have become as popular as they have, and now there’s a Zootopian version.

And it.  Is.  BRILLIANT.

Check out the main blog at textsfromzootopians.tumblr.com and check out some of the crazy shenanigans the ZPD gets up to!

Scenarios include:

Judy searching for the fiend who spiked Clawhauser’s donuts
Chief Bogo getting on Nick’s case for being in a relationship with Judy, even though they aren’t
Nick has a nightmare
A “Heart to heart” with Finnick
Drunk Judy
And many, MANY more!
They even let me make a guest post!  (Based on a true story!)

So what are you waiting for?  Start reading!