Try Everything – Three Incredible Covers!


One of the things I love about fandoms is how they can take a piece of music, put it in a completely different genre, and have it still be pretty dang awesome.  In this case, we have three very unique and distinct takes on our favorite Gazelle song, Try Eveything.

First, we have an Acoustic cover by Jack Cassidy.  His voice is very melodious, giving it a bit of a country feel.

Second, we have a Ska Punk cover by Francis Vase.  It sounds very much like something you’d hear playing in a Tony Hawk game, which is a big plus in my book.

And last but certainly not least, we have The Punkens!  They add some cool international flavors to the song, making it feel like it’s truly a global anthem for everyone who ever dared to dream.  I guarantee I’ll be listening to this one on repeat for at least a week or two!

Get them all after the break!

Jack Cassidy – Zootopia/Shakira – Try Everything ACOUSTIC COVER

Francis Vase – Zootopia Try Everything[SKA Punk Cover]

The Punkens – Try Everything (Zootopia Cover)


    • Definately on this one. I've been a fan of Home Free for about a year, now, and to hear their arrangement and true a capella flavor to it, not to mention the debut of their new baritone, Adam Chance, really made the song glow.

  1. The Punkens' version absolutely puts the original to shame! Their arrangement is much richer, far more complex and natural-sounding, even a bit Caribbean-ish.

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