Try Everything! [an introduction to the ZNN Merit Badge Workshops]

“I, Nicholas Wilde, promise to be brave, loyal, helpful, and trustworthy!”

Hello everybody, and welcome to ZNN’s First Merit Badge Workshop!  This is going to be a series of talent development showcases, where we encourage you to try everything, even if it’s something you’ve never considered doing before!

So, here’s how it works:

We start by offering you some challenges.  It’s all going to be Zootopia-related, but that could involve anything.

And by anything, we mean anything!

It could be “draw Nick and Judy chasing a bad guy”.  It could be “record yourself having a normal conversation with a friend, then play back something silly one of you said.”  It could even be “find a park with monkey bars and re-enact Judy’s Police Academy Training”.

Each week there will be up to three challenges.  It;s up to you which ones you do- and if you’re feeling ambitious and want to do more than one of them, be our guest!

Should you choose to accept one of the challenges, you will have one week to do it and report back.  You can do this by submitting a picture of the thing you made, recording and submitting a video of you doing the thing, or simply writing to us, telling us about what you did and what you thought of the challenge.
At the end of the week, we will compile all of your responses and submissions into one big post, sort of like how our Art of the Day posts work.  Everyone who participated will then be emailed a unique “Merit Badge” related to the challenge they completed, signifying that they tried something new!
If you are completely lost and have no idea how to do one of the challenges, don’t worry!  We’ll provide some basic guides, instructions, or tutorials in the initial challenge post.
Once you’ve completed the challenge, email us at [email protected] with something to verify that you’ve done it, and we’ll feature your work in the results post and send you your Merit Badge!
Our first challenge will begin Wednesday, April 20th at 12:00 PM EST, which is when the first challenges will be uploaded.

We look forward to seeing what you do!

Try Everything!

-Andy J Lagopus