Poll: What is your favorite type of content we feature here on ZNN? [ZNN’s 100th post!]


That’s right!  ZNN has been around for almost a month now, and in that time we’ve written and posted 100 articles!  From Comics to Fanfiction, from Songs to News, we’ve been working hard to get you your daily fix of Zootopia, and if the pageview counter is anything to go by, you’ve been liking it more and more!

So, now I’m kind of curious, and I’m going to ask in a poll: What is your favorite type of thing we feature on ZNN?  Are you a bookworm who can’t get enough of the fanfiction?  Or do you like the songs we feature?  What about the comics?  Let us know in the poll on the top right-hand side of the page!

Check out after the break for a little peek behind the scenes of ZNN, with the stats of our top 5 most popular posts!


1) Comic: My Sly Fox by (xxXSketchBookXxx) – 1360 views
2) Comic: Maybe this was not a wise idea… (by TGWeaver) – 958 views
3) Art of the Day #8 – Kid Friendly [Extra Long AotD] – 763 views
4) Poll: How many times have you been to see Zootopia? – 701 views
5) It’s the Hustle, Sweetheart! [April Fool’s Fan Animation] – 593 views