Art of the Day #8 – Kid Friendly [Extra Long AotD]

Zootopia: Young Nick Wilde by Sa-Dui
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I’ve done this enough times that I think it’s safe to call it official.  Every Art of the Day post that ends with a even number, I’ll try to incorporate some sort of theme.  And this week, we’re taking a trip back in time to when the cast of Zootopia were kids!

I just have to say, I really love Nick as a cub scout.  When he’s happy, it’s the most adorable scene in the movie.   I personally went through the whole Boy Scouts of America program, starting when I was somewhere around Nick’s age, and it was a wonderful experience.  I made some great friends, learned things I never would have considered trying, and eventually I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest honor a Boy Scout can achieve.  I remember those times with fondness, and while I didn’t always enjoy getting covered with mud or 20 mile treks, it was a great thing that I had fun doing.

So, when that scene of the movie takes a turn for the dark, it was heartbreaking.  Not only could I relate to him as he was being bullied without having any idea why (“what did I do wrong?” …oh goodness that line got to me), but to have all those future good times, friendships, skills, and memories just crushed like that?  It was a real tragedy.

Enough about that.  Get your daily dose of D’awww after the break!

Lil Zoo Scout by Silverfox5213
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To comfort you by nik159
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[Fanart] I’m not just… by NarukoMegpoid
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Cub Ckawhauser by Professor-R
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Friends by nik159
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Lil Con Fox by Silverfox5213
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Young Judy Defends Young Nick by jonathantaniuchi
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Broken Dreams by nik159
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Little Nick and Judy by Fuzzt0ne
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FA- Would you like some Pawspawcookies? by Rexcaliber25
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Broken Dreams. Zootopia Fanart by pandapaco
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Brave Little Fox II by nik159
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[Zootopia] If we meet early. by smily0347yo
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FA- Junior Ranger Scout Nick by Rexcaliber25
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Zootopia (***little bit spoiler alert) by Mushstone
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Zootopia – Little Nick and Judy by nik159
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How was the reunion honey? by badneko
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Hopps n’ Wilde by pastelsl0th
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Broken Dreams by Silverfox 5213
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