Lego Zootopia – O.M.Goodness, let’s make this a real thing!

Who here loves Lego?

Trick question, everyone loves Lego.  Because with Lego, everything is awesome.

Now, who would like to get a Zootopia Lego Set?  Because if I’ve done my math right, awesome^(awesome) = INCREDIBLE.  Well, Lego Ideas is one way to make that happen!

The proposed set features all sorts of fun things, from Judy’s “clown vest and three-wheeled joke-mobile” to Nick selling Pawpsicles to lemmings.  There’s Flash’s car, the police cruiser, and, best of all, a to-scale set of Little Rodentia for Judy to chase Duke Weaselton through!!

If this project reaches its goal of 10,000 supporters by the end of the year, Lego will probably actually do it!  So go and support it HERE!  And check out pictures of the set after the break!

Everything is awesome… everything is cool when you’re part of a team… dang it it’s stuck in my head again.