Art of the Day #9

Welcome to Zootopia! by Pixel Jeff
Source [1]

Pixel art is a wonderful style.  It’s the puzzle of packing as much detail as you can into the smallest possible space, while still retaining the image you’re trying to convey.

Get your art after the break!

Nick Wilde by Blackat-Shadow
Source [2]
Zootopia Finnick by Kenny9807
Source [3]

after watching Disney Zootopia, fatty cheetah by MikMerfiller
Source [4]

Rabbit Cutie by RoxandAsher
Source [5]

Zootopia: Wolf cop by Velvet-Loz
Source [6]

Judy Hopps by Mallemagic
Source [7]
Sketchbite: Zootopia by cartoonstudy
Source [8]
Judy by Kirayusa
Source [9]
Epilogue. Zootopia fanart by pandapaco
Source [10]

Be Yourself by Silverfox5213
Source [11]
The Hopps and the Wilde by AnotherRaven
Source [12]

Grin and bear it. by SaranR
Source [13]
Zootopia by DasZomby
Source [14]
Judy Hopps by Shira-hedgie
Source [15]


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