Art of the Day #18 – Unusual circumstances

Sorceress Judy by richardAH
Source [1]

Multiverse theory is the idea that there are infinite possible universes, including the one we live in.  Is it really that far of a stretch to picture a world where Zootopia was set in an epic fantasy world, or in Victorian London, or the Wild West?

Possibly.  But hey, that’s what makes the multiverse theory so much fun!

Check out alternate Zootopias after the break!

Neo Zootopia by Adry53
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[Fan-art] Zootopia in vintage style by SlothyAmphawa
Source [3]
ZooNoir by nighteengail
Source [4]
Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps Gangstas by Sword-of-Akasha
Source [5]
the best au you’ll hear about this week by speakfriendandenter
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If the story happened in China by Tragobear
Source [7]
Cyberpunk Nick Wilde by MetaDragonArt
Source [8]
Cyberpunk Judy Hopps by MetaDragonArt
Source [9]
Medieval Zootopia by richardAH
Source [10]
Judy Mermaid Hopps Underwater Encounter (color) by cartoonstudy
Source [11]
White Fur by Mechagen
Source [12]
Zootopia 2106 by TyseonTan
Source [13]
Judy and Nick Frontier Justice by Sword-of-Akasha
Source [14]
A Victorians Zootopia with Nick Wilde and Judy Hop by FairytalesArtist
Source [15]
Zootopia Benjamin Clawhauser / Zootopia Finnick by Fairytalesartist