Art of the Day #12 – Pencil and Paper Power!

Judy Hopps, Zootopia by aoudie
Source [1]

This fandom is amazingly talented.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an outpouring of fanart this good from any other fandom.  So let’s give some credit to those who are doing incredible art without any fancy computers or drawing tablets (not that those who do use those are any less talented).

Check it all out after the break!

91 /366 – “Hustle? Yeah, hustle, slowpoke!” by KunehoKun
Source [2]
Zootopia Nick x Judy 4 by MaxZa003
Source [3]
Zootopia – Snow Bunny by richardAH
Source [4]
Zootopia Fan art Nick Wilde by KR-Dipark
Source [5]
Zootopia ^ 0 ^ by MAxZa003
Source [6]
Nick Wilde by aricecks
Source [7]
Zootopia Judy and Nick by Celtycki
Source [8]
I hope you know, Judy by FoxFacetious
Source [9]
Zootopia Nick x Judy 5 by MaxZa003
Source [10]
Zootopia. My Sweet Carrots by GuardianOfNightmares
Source [11]
Judy and Nick by SatynaPaper
Source [12]
Zootopia Hats by richardAH
Source [13]
Hooray for Zootopia! by Alexbee1236
Source [14]
Judy Hopps. Just look in the description! by Turrem
Source [15]
For Context:

And have a bonus piece!  Apparently this came from a mix-up between Jason Bateman and Patrick Bateman!

Nick Bateman by amonisis
Submitted directly to ZNN


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