Friday, October 12, 2018

The WildeHopps 2019 Community Calendar Is Here!

When the concept of this first came out, I was fully on board this train. And now it's finally come to fruition. Take my money!

The long-awaited Wildehopps 2019 Calendar is finally here! Back in April, ZootopiaUnderground (or optimuspower92) came up with the concept to create a Zootopia-themed calendar, but not just any Zootopia themed calendar -- a Wildehopps themed calendar! (Yay!)

The wall calendar features 14 unique art pieces from a variety of artists -- 12 different pieces of art for each month, in addition to art from the back and front covers themselves. Each piece has been drawn by a different artist and features the ever-so-popular Zootopia ship Wildehopps!

This is something I'm definitely gonna get my hands on. If you're a huge Wildehopps shipper, you should definitely get this calendar, too.


  1. Feels appropriate, considering that Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde could have otherwise made for a potential modern day Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

  2. I'll definitely buy one of these. I'm still annoyed that there wasn't an official one for 2018.

  3. Honestly, this feels pretty ridiculous. It's like having a "Let It Go" Parody calendar.

  4. Mine just arrived! Exactly what I hoped for. Fluffy WildeHopps to make the next year a better time. All art good: February, April, & September my faves.