Zootopia is getting an OFFICIAL COMIC!!!

Gotta, say, it’s ABOUT TIME!

Dark Horse Comics, as part of their partnership with Disney, is planning on releasing a full-length comic book featuring two stories starring a young Nick and young Judy, taking place several years before the movie.

The synopsis, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will have a young Judy saving her friend Dinah (presumably the sloth on the cover) at the Bunnyburrow County Fair.  Nick, for his part, will be using his… natural talents… to throw his friend Hedy the best birthday party ever.

The 48-page comic will release on September 12th.  I gotta say, even if the stories are aimed at a younger audience, I am seriously excited to know that we’ll finally be getting more Zootopia, in some form!

Check out the original article over at The Hollywood Reporter


  1. I hope if this does well we see more comics be made. I don't mind this one being for a younget audience if it's still written well. Plus we get to see more of Little Nick!

    Will it be after the ranger scouts bullying scene, or before, I wonder?

    • knowing that the concept of his comic story is setting up a birthday party i would have to assume its before the incident.

  2. Jimmy Gownley is the writer; I'm familiar with him from his comic "Amelia Rules", which is a kid-friendly comic that adults can enjoy, so I still have hope this comic will be good. And if it ends up being just for kids, well, I can't really complain about that.

    • its gotta have that cartoon disney flair XD, i would of loved a more true to the movie artstyle myself but regardless im just happy we have something coming down the line for zootopia 😀

  3. … alright setting phone alert for Sept. 11th… and now i wait 😀 i hope these comics do well enough to bring more comics 😀

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